Advantages of Composite Doors

Composite doors are popular today due to the fact that they use less downsides than the other conventional choices. Wood doors look great, and are very strong. Nevertheless, the hinges might wear with time from the weight of the door. They likewise need frequent staining or painting to keep them looking nice.

uPVC doors are the other option. They are typically more affordable and lighter than wood, and they are a lot easier to preserve. They provide little insulation, and they aren’t very strong.


Composite doors fulfil the requirements of the “Secure By Design” effort. To meet these requirements the doors should be shown to be able to hold up against physical tests based on typical techniques robbers use to break into homes.

Energy Efficient

Our composite doors are developed to be really energy efficient. Half of a typical home’s power needs stem from heating and cooling the house, so installing more energy efficient doors can have a substantial influence on your energy expenses.

Low Maintenance and Longevity

Composite doors do not need maintenance like wooden doors. You can anticipate them to look great for years without the need for painting or refinishing. They last longer than uPVC or wood doors. They don’t peel, warp, or fracture like wooden doors. They don’t fade like uPVC doors.


Whether your home is conventional or contemporary, we have a composite door to fit your needs. We have a huge series of designs and finishes for you to choose from. From coloured doors to detailed wood herringbone patterns, basically we have a finish for every home.

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