Triple Glazed Windows for Summer Months

Triple glazed windows are understood for their capability to optimise energy performance in the cold weather, but they can likewise keep you cool in the summertime. Windows have a rating called a U Value. Those with a greater U value will let more light in. This will help you keep warm in the winter by allowing more solar heat. The downside of a higher U value is that they will likewise allow more solar heat throughout the summertime.

Our triple glazed windows are really energy efficient. They are specially designed to keep the air inside your home from escaping through the window. We do this by insulating the space in between the panes with argon gas, and including insulating spacers in between the panes.

Nevertheless, if you are worried about getting excessive solar heat in the summer season, you might want a window with a lower U value. Windows with a lower U worth are developed for optimum insulation, and they do not let as much solar heat in.

For business and office complex that are likely to experience overheating throughout the summer season due to the big amount of window area, we have SOLAR windows. These windows are developed with a coating that blocks sunlight from being available in. SOLAR 70, 51, and 40 have really little colour distortion. SOLAR Green and SOLAR Grey have actually glass tinted in green or grey. These panes are less costly, however they affect the colours you see when looking outdoors.

If you aren’t sure which kind of pane would be best to keep you cool this summer season, we would enjoy to assist and encourage you on your selection.

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