What is a secure window pane?

A window pane is not something that most homeowners spend their time thinking about. A window pane is the glass that has been placed into the window frame. While this function is generally taken for given, they do serve a crucial function and among them is security. Here are some approaches of protecting your home with your window panes.

Reinforced Glass

One of the most essential elements of your home security is your windows. Burglars enter your residential or commercial property either through a door or window and it is their hope that they can do so undisturbed and without much problem. Therefore, it is important that property owners take the needed safety measures to guarantee the security of their homes. There are a number of approaches used to strengthen glass, here are some of them.

Tempered glass: A a lot more durable option than traditional glass and harder to break. Despite its high security level, tempered glass is not especially costly.

Laminated glass: Laminated glass is held in place with a polymer interlayer when shattered.

Polycarbonate & Plexiglas Windows: These are acrylic plastic windows, they are the same thickness as conventional glass however it is 10 times more powerful. You will have to pay a fairly high rate for them however they are incredibly safe, their effect resistance is 250 times more than shatterproof glass.

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