Advantages of Natural Light

The advantages of daytime or ‘natural’ light are numerous and well documented, both for looks and for promoting health and efficiency in the workplace. 

” Daylit environments increase occupant performance and convenience and provide the mental and visual stimulation required to control human body clocks”.

To the layperson, a body clock is the natural everyday cycle of activity and rest that any living organism goes through throughout the course of its. In a nutshell, natural light assists bring back and maintain natural sleep and wake patterns.

So, however you get it, you require a specific quantity of natural to live a pleased and healthy life. So crucial is it, that those living at the north and south poles have to make use of natural light lamps to stave off anxiety and an entire host of concerns that emerge from lack of sunlight.

Natural Light in the Workplace

Natural light is the most desirable natural element to be present in the work environment for the best possible outcome. In a perfect world, everyone would get a window seat, as a current neuroscience research study found that individuals who worked next a window got an extra 46 minutes of sleep per night as a result. In practice, not everyone will get to sit by the window, but artificial daylight lighting is readily available and achieves the same result.

Another body worried about daytime research is the World Green Building Council and they have actually produced a raft of empirical proof to support the fact that natural elements, such as daytime promote health, wellbeing and efficiency. Mix a well ‘day lit’ workplace with some plants and excellent natural air flow and you have the dish for an excellent and comfortable place to work.

Energy Savings

You have a pleased, comfortable and more efficient labor force thanks to the supportive environment that you have created for them. However, what does it imply to your bottom line?

Well, on top of the fact that your staff members should be more productive and imaginative thanks to their comfort and happiness, a structure that uses natural light over artificially produced light will utilize significantly less energy than those that do not.

The advantages are twofold, more performance and less energy usage. Your bottom line can’t help but be improved by it.

Daylight Promoting Technology

There is already technology in existence that will help a building in making use of natural light. Automatic lighting and blind control systems will trigger when there is an absence of natural ambient light and switch off when it returns. Equipped with daylight sensors, these intelligent controls will take quite a piece, as much as 20%, off standard energy consumption.

Daytime research is carrying on every year, but one thing remains a consistent – Companies that ignore the effectiveness and helpful effects of natural light in the working environment are rather literally throwing money away.

Makes you believe, does not it?

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